Next Up Update

By Scott McClellan

Next Up is our initiative to create new space for transforming kids. 

Sunday we shared an overview of Next Up and update as we head into the end of the year. Here are the highlights: 

We need to create new space for kids that is:
1. More welcoming and hospitable to young families
2. Better designed for small group connection and discipleship
3. Safer and more secure

Our staff and volunteers do an incredible job serving kids, but the reality is that they do so in spite of our children’s space rather than with the help of our children’s space. Our kids need and deserve space designed for the mission of our children’s ministry: to join with parents in making missionary disciples of kids. 

To meet this need, we created plans for a 36,000 square-foot children’s building that would cost an estimated $7.1 million. 

This new building would bring all the kids of IBC into one bright, inviting, secure environment in which they can experience the love of Jesus through teaching, worship, and connection. 

Since launching Next Up in October 2016, we’ve raised 40 percent of our $7.1 million goal. 

In just 14 months God has provided and you’ve been incredibly generous to the extent that today we have $2.84 million for creating new space for transforming kids! 

Our budget for 2017 is $8 million, which, if fully funded, includes $1 million designated for Next Up. To reach $8 million in giving for 2017, we still need $1.5 million by the end of the year. 

Reaching our budget number would mean another $1 million for Next Up, which would move us past the halfway mark of our goal. But to get there we must pray for God’s provision and invest in what he’s doing. 

This year, inflation has affected—and continues to affect—the cost of the building we originally designed, but our $7.1 million goal hasn’t changed. 

In a project like this, it’s no surprise that we would come up against forces beyond our control. The building we originally designed might now cost around $11.5 million to build. That’s not fun to think about, but it is reality. The good news is that we never have and never will come up against something beyond God’s control. And again, please note: our $7.1 million goal hasn’t changed. Going forward we will explore more cost-effective design and construction options that will help us pursue our goals with the resources we have. Throughout this process we’re going to continue to trust God, seek his best for IBC, and follow where he leads. 

Please join us in praying for Irving Bible Church and the Next Up initiative. Pray that God will provide all that we need to move forward in creating new space for transforming kids. Pray that God will lead and guide you in how you can invest in what he’s doing in and through IBC. 

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