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For centuries, believers have been meeting together to remember God’s story of creation, redemption, and recreation. At Irving Bible Church we feel strongly that this discipline of meeting together is essential to a person’s walk with Christ. What we believe about Jesus and his gospel is shaped through the retelling of his story.

Every Sunday at 9 and 10:45 a.m.

  • The Greeting

    During service, worship attendees are encouraged to greet those seated around them as a way to warmly welcome anyone who might be visiting and create a family atmosphere for those who call IBC home. This weekly greeting serves as a reminder that we worship in the context of community, not just as individuals.

  • Modern Sacred

    Every Sunday we remember the story of God in different ways. Whether it is through the arts, prayer, liturgy, teaching or music, we work hard to use a variety of different creative elements to articulate God’s redemptive narrative to a beautifully diverse congregation.

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  • The Altar

    Everyone is invited to respond to God both before and after the Sunday message by coming to the foot of the stage. Some people choose to kneel, pray, light a candle, or simply be still before God. We also have people available to pray with or for you.

    Responding in prayer and candles
  • Communion

    We regularly observe the Lord’s Supper (Communion), a practice that Jesus instructed his disciples to do “in remembrance” of his sacrifice on the cross. At IBC, Communion is open to anyone who has placed his or her faith in Christ.

    Responding through communion
  • Prayers of the People

    By praying corporately, we remind ourselves that we are not alone, but are praying as one body and joining millions of other believers around the world in crying out to God.

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  • The Sermon

    A sermon is a Scripture-driven message given by one of our pastors that is intended to form us in the way of Jesus.

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  • Giving

    Giving is not a break from worship, but a continuation of it. We recognize that giving financially is an act of stewardship (understanding that we are responsible for what God has entrusted us with), an act of worship (orienting our attention and affection toward Him), and an act of discipleship (trusting God to care for us while we use our resources for the benefit of our neighbors).

    Why do we talk about giving?
  • Baptism

    Baptism is an outward symbol of the inward reality that a person has placed his or her faith in Jesus and is committed to living for him. Baptisms are special celebrations at IBC. The baptismal is located in the middle of Town Square, elevating baptism as a central event in our church community.

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    Each week, our worship services run smoothly because of the help of our incredible volunteers. We have people who help lead worship through singing in choir, playing instruments, running cameras, designing the stages, and more. We'd love to have you join us!

    Serve With Worship
  • Child Dedications

    Several times a year, IBC gives parents the opportunity to dedicate their children to God during a Sunday service. This affirms the biblical principle of parents modeling for their families how to love and follow Christ. The IBC community responds by promising to support parents in their efforts.

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  • Loose Change

    All loose change and $1 bills that are collected during Sunday services go to IBC’s Benevolence Fund. This is a special fund set aside to meet the needs of our IBC family and the community at large.

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