Young Adults

A diverse community of college students, young adults in their 20s and 30s, singles, young married couples, and young families. Young Adults at IBC seeks to create spaces for meaningful connections that mobilize young adults to become more like Jesus for the sake of the world.

What If We Change The Church?

Marked by division, scandal, and abuse, for many of us, our relationship with the church has moved from complicated to non-existent.

But, what if we could change the church? What if young adults, instead of leaving, became a catalyst for change in our churches? What if we were the first to seek reconciliation, the first to share our resources, the first to make room for our neighbor, and the first to speak words of truth and life to one another? Could things be different?

Jesus went up on a mountain and taught his disciples how to live counter-culturally. It was a message that challenged their way of life and a new call for obedience that completely changed their lives. If we want to change the church we need to change ourselves and model for others a radically different way of life. We need to gather at the feet of Jesus and become his disciple. We need to remember that the church is not a building but a people, a gathering of disciples committed to live like Jesus. We need to imagine a different world and become a people of influence, prayer, grace, and integrity.

What If? One Year, Six Questions

This year, young adults at IBC is asking the question, What if? It’s a yearlong journey exploring six different “what if” questions. Our hope is that these questions will challenge you to live a Jesus centered story and take your place as a change maker in the church and city. If you’re single or married in your 20s and 30s join us on Thursday nights at 7 pm in The Commons.

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