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A community of young adults following Jesus.

The goal of the Christian life is to become more like Jesus. But here’s the deal: we can’t make ourselves become more like Jesus. We need the gospel and help from outside of ourselves to grow. One of the ways we can pursue Jesus is by exploring what the Bible says and doing life with others in community.

We want to connect you with people who care about things like faith, loving your neighbor, how to navigate relationships, career, and so much more. We want to make Jesus the focus of our lives because Jesus has the power to change our lives and city.

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More Like Jesus

A 14 days experience of the Bible and culture in community.

What comes to mind when you hear the word gospel? A genre of music? A church word? A book in the Bible? A religious story?

The word “gospel” comes from a Greek word mean- ing “good news.” We use the word gospel a lot in church, but what exactly is the “good news?” Through the course of this 14-day study, we are hoping to get to the heart of the gospel so that we can later explore its implications for our lives.

Each day for the next 14 days, we invite you to explore a theme or passage from the Bible, to reflect and respond to what God says in his word, and then meet with other young adults for discussion and community. Our goal is to better help us understand the Bible, how we are to live as Jesus followers, and create opportunities for meaningful connection with other young adults.

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