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Cancel culture surrounds us. It’s fueled by outrage, thrives on mischaracterization, and results in devastation. It seems inescapable as we often feel like we are drowning in conflicting narratives that only foster further division.

What if there was a better way?

Young Adults at IBC is hosting a fall series entitled “Set the Table.” During this series we plan to examine a myriad of hot button issues, but in a way that leads to genuine conversation, charity, understanding, and unity. While discussing topics like deconstruction, politics, race, and gender we hope to set the table for authenticity instead of drawing lines in the sand.

Our deepest hope is that this series will not only strengthen our faith, but will also prepare us to grapple with complex issues with love and grace and ultimately set the table for further conversation.

Join us Thursday Nights at 7 pm in the Commons at Irving Bible Church starting August 25th for this brand new series.

Our Format:
Casual, engaging, thought-provoking.
We gather around tables, called Discussion Groups, to help us connect in community, engage in discussion, and process weekly content.

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Topics we're discussing:

Deconstruction, Mental Health (*will touch on topics related to suicide), Addiction, Sexual Ethics, Same-Sex Attraction, Gender, Life Issues, Politics, Patriotism & Nationalism, War, Biblical Mandate for Multi-ethnicity, The Problem of Race, Racial Reconciliation

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Set The Table

Being a college or grad student is an exciting and challenging season. We know you are navigating the complexities of vocation, relationships, life, and spirituality all at the same time. We get it, and we want to help. Whatever season or stage of life you find yourself in, you are welcome here and this is for you. College at IBC is a part of Young Adult Ministry.

Connection and conversation are essential parts of how we grow, so our gatherings are designed to foster friendship and meaningful community. Whether you’re new or accustomed to DFW and Irving Bible Church, our large gatherings, groups, socials, and places of service provide great opportunities to connect with others and experience life as Jesus described.

For more information contact:
Young Adult College Directors
Ginny and Aaron Leach