Our Calling

Vision 2025

God is calling us,

the people of Irving Bible Church, to become a multi-ethnic movement of missionary disciples, formed in the way of Jesus for the sake of the world.

Understanding Our Vision

  • A Multi-Ethnic Movement

    In the Bible and in our world today we find that the power of the gospel is demonstrated when a diverse group of people find unity in Jesus.

  • Of Missionary Disciples

    God calls each of us to understand who we are in light of what Jesus has done on our behalf. As a result, we live into our identity as his people by being with him and joining his mission.

  • Formed In the Way of Jesus

    We want to be a transformed people who experience vibrant spiritual growth together. We want the Spirit of God to shape us more and more into the likeness of Jesus as we follow after him.

  • For the Sake of the World

    We want the transformation we experience in Christ to move us out into the city. As a church, we want to mobilize transformed people, not just our resources, so that our neighbors can know the love of Jesus and experience his transformation for themselves.