Andy McQuitty

Pastor Emeritus

Dr. Eric Andy McQuitty is officially IBC’s Pastor Emeritus, but served for more than 30 years preaching, leading, and shepherding the IBC flock as senior pastor. Now he is the CEO of Kaleo Collective, an interactive online ministry of encouragement for ministry leaders. An empty nester (and grandad!) with five grown children, Andy lives in Las Colinas with his wife of more than 40 years, Alice, and their Cavesson pup Anabelle.

Andy enjoys traveling, hitting tennis serves with his Wilson Clash, and rolling putts with his Scotty Cameron Newport. He can often be found tearing up the streets on his 2012 Harley. He’s the author of three books, “Notes from the Valley: A Spiritual Travelogue through Cancer,” “The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for Today’s Goliath World,” and “Your Best Life Later.” His favorite thing about IBC? The people. According to Andy, “We have never gotten over the grace of God to us, and take great joy in sharing it with our world.”

Andy could talk forever about: great books

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