Young Adults: Normal Faith

By Julie Rhodes

For people in their Young Adults in DFW, it’s normal to be a Christian. In fact, for many, it’s normal for faith and spirituality to be an incredibly important part of their lives. Thing is, it’s not normal to talk about it. Young Adults pastor Jon Jones explains: “Society has relegated faith to the sphere of private life, making discussion or mention of spiritual things taboo. And this makes it harder for sincere young adults to orient their everyday existence around following Jesus better.”

That’s what’s normal these days: faith. And silence about it.

That’s where the Young Adults ministry at IBC hopes to help. “Our goal is to ‘socialize spirituality’,” says Jon. “In other words, we want to reintegrate spiritual life, aiming to make following Jesus look a little more like the Biblical vision — loving God, loving others, and spending time with those who follow Jesus.”

How does the Young Adults ministry do this? One way is through Social Hour events, casual get-togethers at great local restaurants with no agenda other than to have real conversations about things that matter. The concept is simple, the conversations are diverse, and Jon says it’s amazing what God is capable of doing when we allow ourselves to be fully present with others. First Thursdays are another way IBC hopes to connect Young Adults with one another authentically, providing solid biblical teaching with plenty of room for discussion and interaction. Finally, the Young Adults ministry is reaching out to IBC partners like Mercy Street to make sacrificial service a normal part of every Young Adults life.   

All of this is intended to bring Young Adults together for a “new normal” — one where they can have faith, talk about it with each other, and live it out in community. “When that happens, Young Adults don’t feel alone anymore and spiritual life becomes social in nature,” says Jon. 

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