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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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Today in Children's, we attempted to see who was the strongest. Well, not exactly... but kinda. We talked about the last and most famous of the judges from the Book of Judges, Samson! And maybe you have heard that Samson was very strong! Samson was dedicated to the Lord from his birth, raised to follow the Nazirite vow, meaning he didn't partake in some not-so-great things - like touching dead stuff - and he didn't cut his hair. But even though God had plans for Samson to defeat the Philistines, Samson still made mistakes... a lot of them. He touched a dead lion. For some reason, he thought it made sense to marry a Philistine. Then, he fell in love with another woman, Delilah, who would conspire to be his demise. You can read about her deception in Judges 16, but you can also see how Samson, a broken man who remembers his God, also fulfills the Lord's plan for him. We see that God uses Samson despite his failures as Samson cries out to God. This week, as you continue the conversation, remember God still works through each of us even though we mess up. 

Here are some starter questions:


  1. Do you have any hidden talents or strengths? 
  2. Is Samson a hero? Is he someone we should try to be like? Why or why not?


  1. Samson was strong. What did Samson believe made him strong? Who made him strong?
  2. Samson messed up, but he asked God to help him. Did God help Samson? Does God want people to ask Him for help?

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