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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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I have two brothers, and sometimes we played tricks on each other. But I don't believe that I ever succeeded in tricking them out of anything as significant as the family birthright or blessing. On Sunday, we dug further into the relationship of Jacob and Esau. Jacob's trickery - aided in great part by his mother, Rebekah - seems a bit confusing and unfair. Without the hindsight of knowing God's desire to carry forward His covenant with Abraham and Isaac through Jacob, this would seem to be a questionable move.  Not to mention... the family tree of Jesus comes through Jacob. As you continue the conversation with your kids this week, talk about times that you have seen God work through tough situations to teach you about who He is.  Elementary

  1. How do you react when someone tricks you? How do you think Esau felt when Jacob tricked him?
  2. Why do you think that God chose to continue the covenant with Abraham through Jacob and not Esau?
  3. Are there any promises to remember in this story? How do they help me love and trust God? 


  1. Was Esau happy when Jacob tricked him? How can we be like Jesus when someone tricks us?
  2. Is God surprised to know that people are sometimes tricky? Can God still make good from circumstances we don't like?

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