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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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Today in Children at IBC, we learned about the trickster getting tricked. Last week, we saw Jacob trick his brother, Esau out of the birthright and the blessing for his family. So our story today from Genesis 29 can almost seem like Jacob receiving his due penance. Jacob met this woman named Rachel, and he just knew that she was the one. Her father, Laban, tricked Jacob into working for him for seven years and then marrying Rachel's sister, Leah. Now the thing is... even though Leah was not the one Jacob had in mind, the Lord God still had big plans to honor his covenant with Abraham, Jacob's grandfather. Jacob and Leah would become the parents of Judah, from whose ancestral line Jesus would be born. Leah was NOT an accident, and neither are any of you. This week, as we think about Thanksgiving, remind each of your children that the God of the universe made each one of them for a purpose and you are so grateful to see Him work in their lives.  


  1. Last week, we asked "How do you react when someone tricks you?" This week, let's answer, "How do you feel when you trick someone else? Satisfaction? Guilt? Something else?
  2. Are you ever surprised by how God works? Why would he allow Jacob to love Rachel more than Leah? Why wouldn't he just love Leah? 


  1. Was Jacob happy to be tricked by Laban? 
  2. Was God still able to keep His promise to Abraham even though Jacob was tricked?

As usual, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions at [email protected].

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