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Elijah and Elisha. The names are very close, but they are in fact two different people. In 2 Kings 2, we see that not just their names are similar. Elijah was told by God that Elisha would succeed him as prophet to Israel. And Elisha was intent to stay by Elijah's side as much as possible. In fact, even when Elijah told him to stay put, Elisha said, "No way, I'm stickin' with you!" When they came to the Jordan River, Elijah took off his mantle (another word for his outer coat), rolled it up, and smacked the river. God parted the Jordan so that they could walk across! This is quite an amazing thing that God, showing the power that He had placed upon Elijah. On the other side of the river, Elisha asked for the same spirit Elijah had... times two. Then a miraculous and awe-inspiring scenario occurred in verse 11. Elisha is left there alone with Elijah's mantle, and guess what he tries... You guessed it! He smacks the Jordan River just like Elijah did, and it parts just the same way. This act is a confirmation of the Lord's choosing Elisha as the next prophet for Israel. This week, look for chances to encourage your kids to follow those who are dedicated to the service of the Lord. Great things are bound to rub off on them. 

Some question starters for the week:


  1. What is the craziest thing you have see with your own eyes? A two-headed snake? A live tornado? A water-skiing elephant? 
  2. What do you think was going through Elisha's mind when he saw the Jordan River split the first time, followed by chariots of fire and his friend swooshed up to heaven?


  1. Do you know anyone with a name similar to yours? What about similar to someone else you know? Daniel and Danielle? James and Jamira? Something else?
  2. Elijah and Elisha were different people, but they had one big thing in common. Who did they both serve as a prophet? 
  3. What were some of the amazing things that God did as Elijah was handing over his ministry to Elisha?  

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