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For those of you, who have found yourself trudging through Leviticus in your 2019-Read-Through-the-Bible Plan, you will probably be wondering why we spent this morning talking about the Book of Leviticus this morning with kids. The great news is that, we talked about Leviticus 1) because it is a significant part of the Old Testament and the story of God, and 2) because it points directly to Jesus. In the last couple of months, we have seen the rules that God gave to the Israelites, and the impossibility of upholding all of those rules. So God also gave Moses and the Israelites instructions about how to atone for their sins, mess-ups, and failures. That's where Leviticus comes into play. The instructions for atonement and the sacrificial system are established in Leviticus. Atonement is in short "making right what has been wrong." In order to make things right, God required sacrifice. So you can clearly see why Leviticus points to Jesus, since Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, taking on the sins of the world for all time. As you talk with your kids this week, read through a section or two of Leviticus, and share about just how difficult the sacrificial system was in order for the Israelites to have their sins forgiven. Give praise as a family that we are forgiven by God because of Jesus' sacrifice.  

Some starter questions for you: 


  1. What are you willing to give up to get something you want? A new toy? Book? Game? Bicycle? Something bigger?
  2. Why do you think God required sacrifice to atone for sin? Why not just a statement of sorrow or something similar?


  1. Think about your favorite toy/blanket/book. What would you be willing to trade for it if you lost it?
  2. God thought people were pretty important, even though they mess up sometimes. What/who was He willing to give up in order to rescue us? Do you think that means God felt like you are pretty important/valuable?

If you are interested in connecting your family with the same Bible we use on Sundays in Children at IBC, we use the Big Picture Interactive Bible. The ISBN is 9781433648281. In Early Childhood, we utilize the Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook, which does include some simplified language for younger children, but it doesn't include every story. The ISBN is 9781433691652. 

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