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This morning, we continued in 1 Samuel 24 talking about David (pre-kingship). David had been anointed to be king in the future, but had not yet assumed the throne. In fact, after he began to gain favor in the eyes of the Israelites, Saul became embittered toward him. But who wouldn't if you were king, and the next king had already been anointed? There cannot be two kings at the same time, so it didn't look good for Saul. Thus Saul began to pursue David wanting to eliminate him. David was on the run with a loyal group of people on his side. In one pivotal moment, Saul in pursuit of David stopped to use the bathroom in a cave, which happened to be where David was hiding. With opportunity to kill Saul, David sneaked up behind Saul and cut a corner off his robe. David believed that it was wrong to kill the king appointed by God, and as Saul left the cave, David confronted him. The piece of cloth from the corner of Saul's robe was proof that David had opportunity but chose to show mercy. Saul was shocked and overwhelmed. As you continue the conversation this week, share opportunities about times you have received undeserved mercy.

Here are some starter questions:


  1. Do you think you would have been able to restrain and show Saul mercy in the cave like David did? Why or why not?
  2. What is the hardest part about being merciful? 


  1. Saul was trying to hurt David, but David didn't hurt Saul when he had the chance. Did David make a hard choice? Did he make the same choice that everyone would have?
  2. When someone hurts your feelings, how can you show mercy to them like David?

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