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Have you ever thought you knew what would be the best plan? Even if it wasn't what God was telling you? Well, this morning, we talked about the Israelites' desire to have what they thought was best... a king leading them. Samuel had grown up to lead Israel as prophet and judge, and as he was preparing to hand over leadership, the people began to ask for a king, just like all the nations around them. And reluctantly (and because God told him to), Samuel anointed Saul as the first king of the Israelites. But Saul wasn't awesome. He didn't always obey God. So God rejected him as king, and would make someone else king. As we begin to learn about the time of kings, it is such a great opportunity to remember that the One True King, Jesus, didn't come to earth as anyone would have expected, nor to he come to lead like anyone would expect a king to lead. He came to serve and to give his life away for others. This week, think about expectations that you might have put on God and talk about them with your kids. 

Starter questions to help extend the conversation this week:


  1. What kind of expectations would you have for a king? 
  2. What are some ways that kings lead? Would you like to live under the rule of a king?
  3. Saul didn't intend to do things wrong all the time. Why do you think God decided that Saul should no longer be king?


  1. What do kings look like? What do they wear? How do they act?
  2. Was Saul a good king?
  3. Did Jesus look and act like a king that the world expected?

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