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Judah Taken Captive

For the last few weeks, we have been hearing the prophecies for the future of Judah (the Southern Kingdom of Israel). Jeremiah and Habakkuk warned the people that if they didn't obey God, then God would have to punish their disobedience. Some of the kings, like Hezekiah and Josiah, understood the importance of following God, but after Josiah, there was a series of kings, who just didn't get it. They chose to do things their own way without God's guidance, and in the end, God held true to HIs promise. He allowed the people of Judah to be captured by the Babylonians. This was by no means a happy ending, but even in this undesirable result, God continued to hold onto the covenant with David - that the Savior would be born through David's (and thus Judah's) offspring. It is a reminder to us that even in the most difficult of circumstances, God still loves us and wants to rescue us. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for this week!

If you need help extending the conversation this week, try these starters.


  1. Which kings of Judah would you most want to be like? Do you think it would be hard to be a good king if the people didn't want to follow God?
  2. How do you know that God loves you even when you do wrong?


  1. WARNING! What is a warning, and why are there warnings? What happens if you don't pay attention to a warning?
  2. How did the bad kings of Judah respond to the warnings of God? How should we respond to God's warnings?

And I wish you all a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

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