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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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It's February! It's Super Bowl Sunday! I wonder how many of you have so much planned that you are not sure if you can manage it all. Well, this week we learned from Exodus 18 that Moses found himself overwhelmed as well. While in the wilderness, he was the one identified to solve everyone's problems, giving the sound advice from God. Enter Moses' non-invasive father-in-law, Jethro. In visiting Moses, Jethro witnessed the crazy line of people needing answers from Moses, and in his great wisdom he spoke to Moses saying (I'm paraphrasing), "Dude, you can't handle all that." Jethro encouraged him to identify and empower others, who were strong in the words of God, to help him. And of course, Jethro was right. So... let's remember that the Lord puts others in our proximity to help us. We are not God, but the good news is that we don't have to be. The community of believers help us follow after Jesus, encouraging and carrying the burden with us along the way.  

Some starter questions for you: 


  1. When have you tried to handle more than you should? How did it go for you?
  2. Is it surprising that Moses, who literally spoke with God, needed the wisdom of Jethro? Why do you think he missed the easy solution to his problem, which he didn't even know he had. 


  1. Do you ever need help? How do your friends help you? How can you help your friends and parents?
  2. Moses learned that others could help him be a better leader. Why is it important to listen to parents, friends, and leaders who are following God?

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