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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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Christmas Bible Story Picture

Jesus was born!! This morning in Children at IBC, we talked about the amazing reality that Jesus was born on this earth. That's right, God came down to the earth, clothed Himself in skin and bone, and willingly became like us. But it wasn't just for the neat experience of being human... Jesus came to live on this earth so that he might save us. That is the best news for everyone on the planet. And he chose to enter the world as a baby.

This week, think about the reality of that night of his birth. Was it really silent? Was it all calm? When the shepherds showed up, how did they smell? How did the stable smell? How much did Mary's back hurt (I mean, pregnant and riding a donkey for quite a lengthy hike)? How was Joseph feeling, having been turned away from so many places with his wife in labor? As you consider these and other questions, remember that Jesus came for you! Each one of you! He loves you, and your following him is the most life-changing decision you can make! 

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