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This morning in Children at IBC we discussed a very familiar topic for many kids and parents... the Ten Commandments. As the Israelites continued in the wilderness, they stopped at the base of Mount Sinai, where Moses would go up and hear from God. There, as we read in Exodus 20, Moses received the Ten Commandments. There were rules for living rightly according to God. Rules can be hard to follow. So as you continue the conversation this week, 1) talk about how laws/rules help us know how to grow in our relationship with God and others, and 2) talk about how we all need Jesus' forgiveness and grace since our struggle to live up to the rules will be ongoing for our whole lives. Remind them that rules are only helpful if we learn to be more like Jesus, the only perfect one. 

Some starter questions for you: 


  1. What rules do you have the easiest time following? The hardest time? Is it different at home, school, sports, or other places?
  2. What expectations should you have for yourself about obeying the Ten Commandments? What expectations do your parents have? What expectations does God have?


  1. What are some rules that you know you are supposed to follow? Do you parents write them all down?
  2. When we mess up or don't obey the rules, how can we respond? 

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