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Today was a big day at Irving Bible Church! This morning our congregation finalized the passing of the baton of leadership from Pastor Andy McQuitty, our Senior Pastor for 31 years, to Pastor Barry Jones. This is momentous for our congregation and for our future. We look forward to what God has in store for IBC, and specifically for Children at IBC as Pastor Barry leads us.  

Our kids this morning continued with Moses wandering in the wilderness. It's surprising how quickly the Israelites forgot all the amazing things that God had done for them. And God in His wisdom and miraculous provision would show them again as they complained about hunger in their wandering. In Exodus 16 & 17, we read about bread appearing out of the dew on the ground in the desert and water bursting forth from a rock. Our great God does amazing things, and our tendency is to forget them... often very quickly. Over the three weeks of this unit, we will be talking about what God is like, and the answer we will continually point to is that "God is holy, good, and loving." We hope and pray that each of your children knows the character of God, so I encourage you to take moments to remind them each day. Consider identifying each one of those characteristics each day to point out just how you experience God's holiness, goodness, and love.  

Some starter questions for you: 


  1. Have you ever been so hungry that you started to imagine you were eating something? Or have you ever pretended that something you were eating was a different food? Can you imagine eating flat bread for 40 years? Does your opinion about it change knowing that it is God's specific provision?
  2. When the Israelites gathered too much manna, they would find it inedible the next day. Why do you think God provided for only one day at a time?


  1. When the Israelites were wandering in the desert, God provided food every day. Why do you think God did this? Is he loving? Is he kind?
  2. Is it hard to believe that God would bring the people food out of nowhere in the desert? Can God do things that seem impossible to us?

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