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9 5 Bible Story Picture

This morning in Children at IBC, there were so many amazing things that occurred. It was Moving Day, where every child moved to their new classroom space! (Shameless plug... our preschoolers and our older elementary kids need regular leaders. Please pray about serving them through June of 2020 if you are not already serving regularly elsewhere.) We started our new Summer format in our Elementary areas, and there were some fantastic results! And we wrapped up our Unit 9 with the story of Ruth & Boaz. This may be a familiar story to many of you, but it is such an important story because this story points directly to Jesus the Redeemer. Ruth's husband had died, and her world said she was not valuable. But Boaz was a family redeemer (you may have heard the term kinsman redeemer). He cared for Ruth when no one else would, and he reminded her of how valuable she was. Read the story of Ruth this week with your family, and talk about how it points to Jesus, who redeemed each one of us because he knows our value.

Here are some starter questions:


  1. Have you ever been lonely? What helps/would help you feel like you aren't lonely? What are ways you can help others not feel lonely? 
  2. How did Boaz redeem Ruth? How does Jesus redeem people?


  1. Who can you talk to when you feel alone? How can you help others, who feel alone?
  2. How did Boaz help Ruth when she felt sad and alone?
  3. Who does Jesus help when they feel alone?

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