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This morning, we wrapped up our unit on the return to the land. We talked about the words and visions from the prophet, Zechariah. Now, I'll be honest, some of what Zechariah was shown by God is not easy to understand. If you read through the first six chapters of Zechariah, you will read about his eight visions. Each of the visions represented something that God would do, like rebuild Jerusalem and judge Israel's enemies. God's message through Zechariah was to remember the past and look forward with hope to the future. Zechariah 9:9 points to a coming king, riding on a donkey, with humbleness. His message points straight to Jesus. In fact, we see this verse quoted in the Gospel of John (12:15) So as you continue the conversation this week, remember the importance of Zechariah's prophecy bringing hope for our forgiveness and redemption.  

Some starter questions to get you going:


  1. Why do you think God chose to communicate with prophets through visions?
  2. If you had been there when Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem, how would you have reacted, seeing Zechariah's prophecy play out?


  1. When Zechariah talked about a king, riding on a donkey, who was he talking about? Did this prophecy come to be true?
  2. How would you feel if someone you had been hoping would show up did in fact show up? Do you think people were excited to know that a king was going to come? 

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