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13 4 Bible Sory Picture

This morning we continued to learn about the prophet Elisha. Our story this morning is from 2 Kings 6, where we see God reveal Himself to Israel in an unexpected and amazing way. 

The King of Aram was warring with Israel, and he became angry with Elisha, an Israelite, for always knowing where the Aramean army would be positioned. He got so angry with Elisha that he put together a gigantic army. They surrounded the Israelites, when a servant walked out and saw the enormous group. Elisha told him not to freak out because he clearly missed seeing the even larger force on Israel's side. When Elisha prayed, the servant was able to see the mountain covered with horses and chariots of fire. That's right! God's army revealed way outnumbered the Aramean forces. The Arameans unknowingly attacked, but Elisha prayed that they would be be blinded. God did make them blind, and Elisha led them away to Samaria. He encouraged the King of Israel to feed them and let them go. And the Arameans did not return to attach Israel.  Think about the servant's reaction when his eyes were opened to the number of warriors on Israel's side. He must have been freaking out. God is all around us, even when we don't see Him. This week, talk about the ways we "see" the unseen God, which helps to make this difficult, abstract concept of God more clear.

Some question starters for the week:


  1. Have you ever felt like someone was around that you didn't see? What does that feel like? Is it encouraging? Eerie? 
  2. Would you have been able to remain as calm as Elisha was in the face of such a big army coming to attack? What would it take to be more confident God's army was on your side?


  1. Have you ever woken up and opened your eyes to find someone in your room watching you? If so, was it surprising?
  2. Elisha knew that God was there even when he couldn't see Him. Whom did Elisha know was all around him? Would knowing what Elisha knew help you to be calmer?



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