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Today in Children at IBC, we learned about a couple of fairly well-known stories involving Elijah. The first is an awesome moment of the one true God showing His might. Elijah challenged the people to turn from worshiping the false God, Baal. And to prove who the real God was, he challenged the prophets of Baal to call down fire on an altar. Elijah was so confident that he called for water to be poured all over and around his altar, and he made jokes about where their god was - maybe sleeping or in the bathroom. And as you might have guessed, God responded to Elijah's request, burning up everything on his altar completely. And to top it off, God ended the three-year drought by bringing rain! 

King Ahab's wife, Jezebel, was no fan of Elijah, and she wanted him dead. And so, while running away, he found himself tired and hungry. And it is here that we see the story of Elijah's encounter with the LORD as a still voice in the midst of a rushing wind, an earthquake, and even a fire.

Encounters with God are not always as we expect them, and these two moments highlight how Elijah interacted with God in two very different ways. This week talk about different ways that you and your family worship the one true God.

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Question starters:


  1. Elijah was super confident that God was on his side. What are some of the things Elijah did in 1 Kings 18:20-39 that display his faith? What would it take for you to show that kind of faith?
  2. The prophets of Baal tried and tried to make their god bring fire, but it didn't come. Why was it different with Elijah? What do we have to do to appease or convince God to love us?


  1. The people that Elijah challenged danced and screamed and sang to try to make fire come, but it never came. Why were they not able to bring fire?
  2. Elijah believed in a different God than Baal. How many true gods are there?  

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