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This morning in Children at IBC, we continued along in the story of Moses. Today we discussed the crazy and miraculous stuff that happened when Moses was following the Lord's guidance and requesting Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Every time Moses asked, Pharaoh said, "No way", even with the threat of some pretty insane plagues happening. In Exodus Chapters 5 through 12, we see rivers turned to blood, frogs and gnats and flies and locusts everywhere, dead cows, sores all over people, the skies covered with hail and then darkness; and yet Pharaoh never actually let his people go. God was showing Pharaoh and the Egyptians that He was more powerful than their gods, who supposedly had power over these things. It took the such a significant event as the death of Pharaoh's own son to convince him to let the Israelites go free. But the Lord provided a way for the Israelites to receive protection... when the God would pass over the homes of those who obeyed him. This week, consider discussing the things that Lord protects you from - Jesus is the lamb of God, whose sacrifice and blood protects us from what we really deserve.  

Some starter questions for you: 


  1. How do you think the Israelites were feeling when all the plagues were impacting them? What about the Egyptians? How would you have felt?
  2. In Exodus 12, instructions to the Israelites are shared for how to have God pass over their homes. What were God's requirements? How does Jesus meet those same requirements?


  1. God wanted to protect the Israelites, so 10 plagues came to help them be free. What is a plague? Can you name any of the things that happened in Egypt?
  2. God loves everyone, and He tried to give Pharaoh a chance to obey. Does God still love us when we make bad choices?

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