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This week in Children's ministry, our kids discussed an excellent but also a really hard story. We continued to look at the life of Abraham, and our story this week is confusing in light of God's promise that we discussed last week. God told Abraham to take his own son Isaac to Mount Moriah and sacrifice him. cue the sound of a record scratching to a stop. Why would God, having made a covenant to increase Abraham's family with more offspring than he could count, ask him to do something so horrible?! We can make guesses about why, but what we know from Genesis 22 is Abraham was faithful even when he didn't understand. Because of Abraham's faithfulness, God assured him of the covenant to bless him again. This week, as you consider this story, talk as a family about how you can trust God even when you don't understand him. 

Starter Questions for families


  1. What is the toughest thing you have been asked to do? Did you do it? Why or why not?
  2. God asked Abraham to trust him in something really difficult. What does it take for you to trust people? What does it take for you to trust God?
  3. Are there any commands in this story to obey? How are they for God’s glory and my good?


  1. Abraham was faithful and listened to God. How can you listen to God? 
  2. Do you ever have to do things that are hard? Who helps you when you are learning to do hard things?

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We are excited to provide a hands-on opportunity for families to begin, continue, or dive deeper into conversations about serving like Jesus. We will be coordinating a come-and-go time for families to take part in creating blessing bags. Blessing bags are gallon-sized plastic bags filled with some helpful items to bless homeless neighbors when you encounter them. There are three ways to help/participate.

  • Bring items to help prepare for the creating of the blessing bags (see the details at this form)
  • Create blessing bags on Nov 3rd, between 10am and 2pm at IBC upstairs in the Zone.
  • Take blessing bags with you in your vehicle to share with those you encounter. 

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