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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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Unit 2 4 Bible Story Picture

This morning, Children at IBC continued to learn about the promise God made with Abraham, and how that promise manifested in the following generations. Abraham's son, Isaac, married a woman named Rebekah, and their finding each other is a part of God's provision and continuation of his blessing. Read the story as a family in Genesis 24, and talk about important steps in your life that have led to a better understanding of the blessings of God. After Isaac and Rebekah were married, they were blessed with twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Jacob would become the father of the twelve boys, who would be the namesakes of the twelve tribes of Israel. And this is where we really see God's promise to Abraham start to seem possible. The hard truth in these stories is how God's timing and blessing does not always come as quickly as we would like. As you continue the discussion this week, talk as a family about some ways you have seen God at work over your lifetime and how necessary patience is in the waiting. 


  1. What important events do you remember in your life? Why do you remember them as important?
  2. God promised offspring more numerous than the stars to Abraham. Did that mean that the promise would always come with ease? Think about how Isaac and Rebekah met; and think about how Jacob was deceiving. 
  3. What does this story teach me about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the gospel? 


  1. Who helped Isaac and Rebekah find each other? Was there more than one person?
  2. Do we always know exactly how God is working in every circumstance?
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DON"T FORGET, we are providing a hands-on opportunity for families to begin, continue, or dive deeper into conversations about serving like Jesus. Next Saturday, we are coordinating a come-and-go time for families to take part in creating blessing bags. Blessing bags are gallon-sized plastic bags filled with some helpful items to bless homeless neighbors when you encounter them. There are three ways to help/participate.

  • Bring items to help prepare for the creating of the blessing bags (see the details at this form)
  • Create blessing bags on Nov 3rd, between 10am and 2pm at IBC upstairs in the Zone.
  • Take blessing bags with you in your vehicle to share with those you encounter. 

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