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4 6 Bible Story Picture

Today in Children at IBC we wrapped up our unit with an iconic biblical image - Moses and the Israelites walking through the parted Red Sea. Remember that when Pharaoh finally agreed to let the Israelites go, it was under extreme duress - his son died in the final plague. But the Israelites didn't know the way to get where they were going. But the Lord provided a sign. He led them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, all the way up to the Red Sea. As if those symbols weren't miraculous enough, God then literally split the sea creating a pathway across, dried out the ground, and allowed the Israelites to cross. This week, talk with your kids about ways that you have seen the Lord make the path clear for you - whether a literal path or a metaphorical path.  

Some starter questions for you: Elementary

  1. Imagine you were one of the Israelites walking through the desert. What would have been the most amazing thing to see? The pillar of cloud? The pillar of fire? The sea parting? The sea animals floating in the water as you pass?
  2. God used Moses to show the Israelites the way to the promised land. How was Jesus an "even better Moses"? How does Jesus make the path clear?


  1. God showed the Israelites the way. What ways did God appear to the Israelites? Does God always appear in such ways?
  2. How would it feel to see a walkway form in the sea out of nowhere? Would you be happy? Scared? Excited?

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