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I rarely remember my dreams. I do dream, but I just don't remember them when I wake up. There are many stories in the Bible of various people having dreams. Last week, we saw that Joseph's dreams about wheat and stars led his brothers to sell him into slavery. And this morning, we talked about a baker and a cup-bearer, who had some dreams that they couldn't figure out. They were in prison with Joseph at the time, and God gave Joseph the ability to understand and  interpret their dreams. These events led to Joseph interpreting the dreams of Pharoah, the leader of Egypt. In these stories, the dreams were a glimpse or insight to what the future held, and in the end, the wisdom gained saved a whole lot of lives. There was another Joseph, who experienced dreams as well. When Mary, the mother of Jesus, found out she was pregnant, Joseph, who was engaged to her, became upset and considered divorcing her. But in Matthew 1:18-25, Joseph had a dream, where an angel shared exactly who was in Mary's womb. So dreams were integral to the people of the Bible, and the Lord used and sometimes even still uses them today.  

Starter questions: 


  1. Why do you think God made dreams?
  2. Why do you think Joseph was given the ability to interpret dreams and other people aren't?
  3. How did God use Joseph's gifting to change the course of his life? 


  1. Do you dream when you sleep? Do you remember them? What is the funniest or coolest dream you remember?
  2. Joseph, Jacob's son, had dreams and understood them. Who gave Joseph the ability to understand dreams? Would you have understood the dreams that Joseph did?

As usual, please don't hesitate to contact me with questions at [email protected].

Below is another helpful tool for connecting your family's advent season to Jesus. 

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