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When you think about the person, Moses, there are so many things to remember. Being put in a basket in the water as a baby, growing up in Pharoah's house, his encounter with the burning bush, demanding the release of the Israelites from bondage, manna from heaven, the Ten Commandments, and more. In Children at IBC, we have been studying various stories throughout Moses' life every Sunday since the beginning of January. This week, we come to the end of Moses' life. In Deuteronomy 31-34, we see Moses pass his leadership of the Israelites on to Joshua, remind the people to follow God, and lastly pass away on a mountain overlooking the Promised Land, which he was not able to enter. This week, as you continue the conversation, talk about leaders, who have impacted you. What about these leaders was worth following? Were they perfect people? Remember that while Moses was an excellent leader used by God, he was still flawed. Only one leader was without sin, and that was Jesus.

Conversation starters this week:


  1. What are your favorite parts of Moses' story and life? What are the most surprising things?
  2. Moses died atop a mountain looking over the land that was promised to the Israelites. How do you think he felt? Is there anything in Deuteronomy chapters 32-33 that give clues as to how he felt about God?


  1. Was Moses a good leader? Did he listen to God? Did he do his best to do what God said? Did he still mess up?
  2. Who are good grown-ups for you to listen to and follow? Are they kind? Are they loving? Do they listen to God? 
  3. Who is the best example of a leader, who never messed up?
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