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15 2 Hezekiah Josiah

This morning, we continued to learn about the Southern kingdom of Judah. In a time when so many of the kings that ruled were not awesome, this morning we focused on two kings, who believed in and tried to obey God. Hezekiah was a king who "did what was right in the Lord's sight" (2 Chronicles 29:2). His 29-year reign was much different for Judah than his son, Manasseh. Hezekiah led the people of Judah back into worship of God, destroying idols to other gods along the way. Manasseh restored those idols and encouraged their worship. He ruled for 55 years and was the most evil king that Judah had. Josiah was Hezekiah's great grandson, and became king when he was 8 years old. In his youth, Josiah began to follow God and throughout his rule, he began to restore the temple of God. Manasseh had no desire to please God, but Hezekiah and Josiah desired to follow the law of God. This week remember that obedience to God and His law is valuable and encouraged, but only One ever fulfilled the law perfectly. Jesus fulfilled the law and releases us from us from perfection because only through him are we made perfect.

Here are some questions to extend the conversation this week:


  1. Do things go better for you when you follow the rules? What happens when you don't follow the rules of a game?
  2. If you were made king or queen at age 8, what would be your first decree? How would you find the wisdom to lead a kingdom well?


  1. Would you want to be king or queen of a kingdom at age 8?
  2. Would you rather be known... as a good king/queen or an evil king/queen? 
  3. Who would you ask for help from to make the best decisions?

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