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Last week we talked about Israel's first king, but this morning we began a new unit diving into six weeks about Israel's most well-known king, David. Today we talked about two moments where God did something very unexpected. David's anointing as king was surprising even to Samuel, the person who anointed him. David was the youngest of 8 sons, and wasn't even in the lineup as their father, Jesse, presented them for Samuel to anoint a new king. He was in the fields working. When Jesse called him in, Samuel said, "This is the one." And in perhaps one of the most well-known bible stories, David, the young shepherd, took on the giant Philistine, Goliath. He did it without the traditional weapons of war. But the reason for his victory was that he did not believe he was alone. David said, "I come to fight in the name of the Lord, and God always wins his battles." Alone, David was outmatched, but with God on his side, Goliath didn't stand a chance. This week, remember that King Jesus came to Earth and didn't look anything like what people thought a king looked like; and the unexpected Jesus had the power to defeat not just giants, but even sin and death!

Starter questions to help extend the conversation this week:


  1. What some unexpected uses for normal household objects? For example, comb could be used to strain salt, or a toothbrush could be used to clean tiny places. 
  2. Why do you think God chose David to be king and to defeat Goliath if he was so unexpected?


  1. David was the youngest son of Jesse. Do you think he expected to be anointed as the next king of Israel?
  2. Why was David able to defeat Goliath? Who gave him the courage to even fight the giant? 

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