The Best Kind of Tired

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 Hi, I'm Jeremy Varnell, the Children's Pastor here at IBC. I want to share about being the best best kind of tired I have ever experienced. In two weeks, almost a thousand people will experience this unique and rewarding kind of tired. Every Summer, Children at IBC offers 600 children the chance to have an energy-burning, mind-engaging, song-filled, and whole-body experience. They will come to deeply know the God of the universe. It’s a week that not only children expend every bit of energy in them, but adults and students wear themselves out in the name of Jesus too.

VBS is an opportunity for over 300 volunteers to have an eternal impact on the future generation. Last year, over twenty children made a decision to follow Jesus in faith, and the volunteers were directly involved in those life-altering moments. But it’s not just children whose lives are changed. Students partner with adults to share the love of God. Each group has countless opportunities to talk about how God works in their lives and all around them. It's incredible to see the way people of all ages connect with others in this multigenerational experience!

Every year, we are blown away by God’s provision and amazing love. Last year, a group of kindergarteners arrived to experience the fun. They waited as patiently as Kindergarteners can for a crew leader. They hadn’t registered in advance, so they hadn’t yet been assigned a leader. Suddenly, a volunteer who just happened to clear her work schedule and was available to lead walked through our doors. I don’t believe that this was a coincidence because God is bigger than our understanding and loves every child. He wants to see all lives transformed — children, students, and adults.

Every single year, God provides people, resources, and just enough energy for everyone to have a transformational four days. It is utterly exhausting. There’s no kind of tired like VBS tired. But it is so worth it! We hope that you will come to join us for one of the most rewarding weeks of your year.

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