Michael's Story

By Isaac Harris
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In July of this year, Michael Agnew got the news that doctors had found a tumor near his stomach. Due to the size and placement of the tumor, a cancer diagnosis was likely. Surgery and biopsies were the next steps.

“As soon as I heard that it was probably cancer, I knew the only thing I could control was my perspective,” Michael said. “I chose to continue believing that God was with me regardless of the outcome.”

The surgery went smoothly but recovery moved in slow motion. Finally, he got the call—no cancer was found.

“I absolutely believe that being healed was a miracle, and the fervent and consistent prayers of so many people played a major part in that,” Michael said. After starting as youth pastor at Irving Bible Church the year before, he wasn’t sure how the church would come alongside him after such a short time on staff. “IBC showed up and cared for us in ways I never expected or experienced previously,” Michael said.

Time spent with his wife and their two boys is something Michael will never take for granted. But looking back on that chapter, he will never forget how God was with him every step of the way.

“This was a season of surrendering every moment to God and being present in a way that will forever shape me,” Michael said.

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