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Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday is like that happy dance you bust into when you find the egg filled with chocolate, jelly beans, AND that $5 bill—except, well, it’s a much bigger reason for celebration.

Come celebrate why we believe we have new life in Jesus’ name. We’ll come together at IBC to focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection, while followers all over the world join in worship as we all exclaim, “He is risen!” This is the one day of the year, with your church family near and far, that you won’t want to miss.

Easter is also a great day to prayerfully invite family and friends to fill those empty seats next to you. As the culmination of our many Holy Week services, Easter Sunday is a beautiful way to welcome others into the new life, the freedom that we have when we walk in relationship with the risen Jesus.

So put down the Peeps and adjust your calendar because the service times will change for Easter Sunday. We’ll see you at 8, 9:30, or 11:15 to celebrate the proof of our living God. 

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