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Challenge of the Day

With most of our spring breaks, special events and travel plans being canceled or postponed, we know that your families, friends, and roommates will be looking for ways to keep yourselves busy. So, our team here at IBC has created fun challenges that you can do together in your own home. Check back each day to see what the challenge is for that day. Then, after completing the challenge, post your fun on social media and tag #IBCchallenge, @irvingbiblechurch, or @childrenatibc. We can't wait to see all the fun you have!

Challenge Number One: March 17

Paper Air Plane Challenge

Choose a style of paper air plane, construct it, and then have a friendly competition with your family, friends, or roommates to see whose goes the farthest. Record your flights and then share your game with us on social media. We can't wait to see your wings!

Challenge Number Two: March 19

Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Take a photo of yourself with all the items you find from the list below, share the photo on social media, and tag @irvingbiblechurch and #ibcchallenge, let's see who can find the most stuff!

  • Stuffed Animal
  • Can of Sardines 
  • IBC card or worship bulletin
  • A Lizard
  • Sauce packet from restaurant
  • Spork
  • Hair rollers or scrunchie
  • Silly Bands
  • Christmas decoration
  • Birthday Candles
  • Purple marker
  • Soccer ball
  • Hammer
  • Something green from outside
  • Headphones

Challenge Number Three: March 24

Dance Challenge

Film yourself and/or family or household dance to "Sunday Best" by Surfaces. Many of you Middle and High schoolers may have seen a popular dance on Tik Tok you can pull inspriation from. Adults, don't let your kiddos have all the fun! Share and tag @irvingbiblerchurch and #ibcchallenge

Challenge Number Four: March 26

Fort Challenge

We were inspired by Unspeakable, YouTube Influencers to create a blanket forts at home. So we challenge you to see who can make the biggest, most epic blanket fort at home. You can use any materials you can find at home, like tables, chairs, blankets, tarps, etc. Take a photo or video of your blanket fort and tag @irvingbiblechurch and #ibchallenge Good luck!

Challenge Number Five: March 31

Bingo Challenge

Download the Bingo game we created. As you complete the tasks, cross them off your bingo board. Take photos and videos as you complete the squares. The first person in your family to complete their board is the winner. Upload your photo and videos to Facebook or Instagram and tag @irvingbiblechurch and #ibcchallenge

Challenge Number Six: April 2

Furry Friend Challenge

We are guessing you are just as obsessed with your pets as we are. We want to see them! Take a photo of your furry friend and upload them to Facebook or Instagram and tag us @irvingbiblechurch and #ibcchallenge

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