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Family Connections by Children at IBC

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What a great morning! As we gathered to worship, we had the opportunity to hear about and prepare for supporting our local mission partner, Schoolworks, and the annual Book Fair next Sunday, 2/9! This fair is a tangible way to support our partner schools (Townsell Elementary and Sam Houston MS) by contributing books to the students and teachers' classroom libraries. We would love for you to serve with us as we serve our community in this way. 

And this year, we have a new way to bless these partners... the Schoolworks’ Scholastic Book Fair Kick Off Party! We have invited Townsell Elementary staff to join us the morning of the book fair set-up (Saturday 2/8) to shop for books for their students. This opportunity will allow teachers to select books specifically for the reading and interest levels of their individual students.


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Our lesson this morning centered around something celebratory as well. The rebuilding of the Temple of God was met with challenge and complication. When the Israelites returned to Judah, we saw them immediately get to work on the foundation of the temple, but their neighbors didn't want them rebuilding it. And as is common with long, difficult projects... enthusiasm to build waned. The Israelites lost interest and gave excuses for why they shouldn't continue. God sent more prophets - Haggai and Zechariah - to encourage them to get building again. But the government, now led by a man named, Tattenai, questioned their approval to build. And while the kingdoms of this world often seem at odds with the desires of God, King Darius supported the decree of his predecessor, Cyrus, that they may rebuild the temple and have all the resources they need to do so. And eventually, the temple was rebuilt and the Israelites celebrated. As you continue the conversation this week, remember that the Lord didn't just create a place to meet with people in the temple, but because of Jesus, everyone who believes now IS His temple.

Here are some questions to keep the conversation going:


  1. Why do you think it was so important for the people of Israel to rebuild the Temple?
  2. How is our church building like a temple? How is it different? Why do we not have to travel to a temple any more?


  1. God really likes to be worshiped. What are ways that we can worship God? Do we have to go to a special place to worship God or talk to Him?
  2. How do you think the Israelites felt while they were rebuilding the Temple? Happy? Excited? Frustrated? Tired? Mad? 

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