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Happy New Year! On this first Sunday in 2020, we talked about a story that many of you may know - Daniel in the lions' den. This story is from the sixth chapter of the Book of Daniel, where we find some of King Darius's leaders to be jealous that Daniel was chosen as a leader over them. Daniel's character was good, so the men knew that he would not break rules... unless they were in conflict with his worship of God. So the men convinced King Darius to issue a rule that no one could worship or pray to any god or man other than Darius himself. Well, since Daniel believed God more important than any other, he continued to pray, and thus, he was found guilty of breaking the king's rule. The punishment was (you've probably guessed) to be tossed into a den of lions. That stinks. But God chose to bless Daniel's faith by closing up the mouths of the lions so that they would not harm him. The next morning, the king and everyone else were amazed that Daniel survived. Daniel's faith and God's protection of him caused others including the king to worship the one true God. In the future, God would send His son, Jesus, to save us from death as well. As you continue the conversation this week, talk about how amazing it is that God saved Daniel from death, and how much more amazing it is that Jesus came to bring us all eternal life!

Starter questions for the week:


  1. What is the most surprising part of the story of Daniel in the lions' den? The plot to punish Daniel? Being thrown into a pit with lions? That God closed the lions' mouths?
  2. Daniel made a choice to continue to worship God even though the rules didn't allow it. Do you think he made the right choice? How can you know whether it is ok to worship? What if God hadn't stopped the lions?


  1. Who was the most powerful person in the story? King Darius? The mean leaders? Daniel? God? How do you know?
  2. Why did God save Daniel? What did Daniel believe that not everybody does?

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