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Formed is a platform that gives people a place to wrestle with topics they may tend to avoid and to grow and learn from one another. A tool used to help believers make their faith their own by providing different perspectives and stories while pointing to the gospel and the mission and vision of Irving Bible Church.

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  • Ride Of A Lifetime Teaser 700X394

    The Ride of a Lifetime

    If you felt a nudge to donate your 1965 Mustang to support a student’s education, would you be willing to let your prized possession go?

  • Foundation 314

    Foundation Stories

    In September 2016, IBC launched the beta version of Foundation — a brand new discipleship experience for IBC built on rhythms and relationships.

  • All I Want For Christmas Tease 700X394

    All I Want for Christmas

    Maybe this isn’t the place to admit this. But here it goes: I love the happy endings in every cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie.

  • Avoid Post Xmas Blues Teaser 700X394

    Avoid the Post-Christmas Blues

    As we enter the new year I am proactively trying to avoid the “King Herod’s Counsellors’ Apathy Syndrome” also known as the post-Christmas blues.

  • God Rest Ye Weary 700X394

    God Rest Ye Weary Gentlemen

    What’s on your Christmas list this year? What, if anything, do you hope awaits you under the tree 18 days from now?

  • Thankful Teaser 700X394

    Thanksgiving During Difficulty

    It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but the deepest thanksgiving comes when times are hardest.