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  • When Being Real Means Looking Dead

    When Being Real Means Looking Dead

    When you have a chronic “thorn,” you also have a chronic comparison problem.

    I did, at least.

    In March of 2020, I was a healthy, jogging mother of two kids whose go-to uniform was yoga pants. By the end of April, I could barely get off the couch.

  • A Reflection on MLK Day

    A Reflection on MLK Day

    As we enter into the weekend that this nation sets aside to remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I find myself struck by the question, “How did Dr. King and his followers find the inner resources necessary to endure all the hardships required of them in their fight for freedom, justice and equality?”

  • Advent Around the World

    Advent Around the World

    The Advent season is a time for reflection, anticipation, excitement and family traditions. Our family loves to cook and buy ornaments. Each year, we pull out our favorite recipes and the treasured ornaments we’ve collected that remind us of past holiday experiences.

  • A Prayer Garden for IBC

    A Prayer Garden for IBC

    I got the idea for a butterfly garden one day in 2021 when I parked near IBC’s outdoor prayer area by Cuppa. I had just finished a project with Keep Irving Beautiful and Friends of Irving Gardens to restore a pollinator garden at Bird’s Fort Trail Park, so when I saw this place, I saw its potential.

  • Sustainer


    You know that story in the Bible where a concerned mother brought her son to Jesus and said,

    “My son hasn’t been able to speak clearly since he was a baby. He has fits of rage. He has intense pain all throughout his body and often cannot leave home because of his illness. He has periods where he will not respond and sometimes, he is driven to do things that would take his life if he were successful. No doctor has been able to help him. We have tried all the medicines. Nothing helps. But I know you can. Will you heal him?”

  • Youth Mission Trip

    Youth Mission Trip

    I love my youth group. I have a good group of friends, love my leaders and pastors, and just feel like it has a very positive and fun vibe. I come every week that I am able to and love going to the extra events whether that be fun youth nights, fall retreat, church camp, or mission trip.