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  • People of Light

    People of Light

    Yesterday, January 6th, was what the church has historically referred to as the Feast Day of the Epiphany. Throughout the church’s history that day has been associated with the visit of the wise men who had come from a far-off place to visit the baby Jesus. It’s a day that celebrates the reality that, in his incarnation, Jesus came not only to be the messiah of Israel but the light to the nations, the savior of the world. For the church, Epiphany is a day of light.

  • God's Presence is Undeniable

    God's Presence is Undeniable

    Some may see that as irreverent, but you can’t deny the presence of God in that room. It is tangible, and I believe that all of heaven is dancing and cheering right along with us!

  • Giving Grace

    Giving Grace

    A couple months ago, I was in a production of “Into the Woods.”

  • Glory Beyond

    Glory Beyond

    The Cowtown Marathon was a couple of months ago in Fort Worth.

  • The God Who Sees

    The God Who Sees

    It was about 49 degrees, and both kids had their hoods pulled up around their faces like grim reapers. 

  • Experience the Vastness of God

    Experience the Vastness of God

    Last night, I had a dream that woke me up afraid.