Safety and Security Update

By Irving Bible Church
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Given the state of our world today, every organization has to think about safety and security, and IBC is no different. We have always taken the necessary steps to ensure our building is safe and secure while remaining open and welcoming to our community.  

Earlier this year we began reviewing and updating our safety and security processes and guidelines, and ever since the July 1st incident on our campus we have recommitted ourselves to those efforts. 

In that time, our Children’s ministry and Student ministry teams have reviewed and updated their staff and volunteer training and procedures. Likewise our Operations team has reviewed and updated how our facility is used, monitored, and secured. You will likely encounter some of these updates as you participate in ministry events this fall and visit our campus throughout the week, and we’re grateful for your support as we move forward together. 

Regarding the July 1st incident, we’re thankful for the work of the Irving Police Department, who have arrested and charged the suspect. We remain in conversation and cooperation with the Irving PD about this case—which must now proceed through the legal system—as well as the safety of our building and the wellbeing of our community. 

Thank you, IBC, for your ongoing prayer, concern, vigilance, and help in keeping our building secure and our kids safe.

— The IBC Staff and Elders 

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