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By Barry Jones
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Barry provides updates on our pastoral staff team and children's ministry.

A Letter from Nandi Roszhart

It is my joy to have an opportunity to serve as the Early Childhood Pastor here at Irving Bible Church. I still can’t believe that this church, its elders, leadership and staff value kids so much that my "one thing" is to pastor kids, age birth to 5 years old. That I get to have a hand in teaching the littlest of our flock that they are loved by God and that being a disciple is the sweetest and most amazing adventure. I have the privilege of getting into their world and meeting them with the truth of the entirety of the Gospel. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly and one that is both a burden and a joy— and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the very core of my passion is a desire to see Christians grow in their understanding, familiarity and love for the scriptures. As much as some might say that the Early Childhood age is too early to experience the scriptures in this way, it is my heart to go on a journey of doing just that. To create a safe place for kids from birth to 5 years old to be exposed to God and his word. We do this through the Gospel Project curriculum, the books we choose for each class, and Kids Church that happens every Sunday in their own space. Are kids too young to have theological buckets that represent Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit? Oh, absolutely not! Here at IBC, we believe that kids are incredible.

As a mom of 19-month-old little boy, this season of my life is filled with everything from trains and puddle jumping to changing diapers and mopping up spills. It is the hardest and yet most wonderful thing I have ever done. But, I have been asking myself what it means to disciple Judah in this and future seasons of his life. This is another important part of what I desire to do here at IBC. I want to partner with parents by providing online and in-person resources that can be used in addition to attending church on Sundays. Think family discipleship take home kits, equipping seminars and fun community events for families.

The line in our vision statement that has personal implications as a black female and daughter of Jamaican immigrants, is that we are a “a movement of missionary disciples”. As an interracial family, my husband Jason and I are in extremely intentional about what it means to disciple Judah as one with a high value on the beauty found in the diversity of the church. Not only am I fully committed to the mission and vision of IBC, I am bound and constrained by this call— and committed to see our kids experience it as well.

It is my joy to serve our kids and call IBC home.


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