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 Hi, I'm Madi, thanks for opening eLetter this week to connect with what is happening at IBC! I have always been a big fan of making lists, especially when it comes to making decisions. For a long time, I thought this tactic should be effective to find my church home. If I made a list of qualities I was looking for in a church then eventually I would find it.

I was so focused on everything being just right. I rejected the idea of making a church my home because the worship wasn’t exactly the way I imagined or because a program didn’t exist. I found excuses to continue my journey to shop for a church. I remember sitting in one particular church, waiting for the service to start. I began to overhear a group of ladies, talking about the community they had found in each other. At that moment, the Lord began to tug on my heart.

The problem was not the churches I was attending — the problem was me. Subconsciously, I feared what true community actually meant. It meant the giving of my time, resources, and energy. I had set my expectations and requirements so high that I would always have an excuse to move on. I began to realize I feared being truly known because if I was truly known, people would see the sinner that I am.

I was stuck between feeling like I needed to be perfect and the church that I attended needed to be the same. Thankfully, because of a group of sweet ladies, I was reminded that I don’t have to carry the burden of being perfect and that I need Jesus because I am broken and weak. I don’t have to find a church that crosses everything off this list I had built in my head to take the next step and attend Explore. I don't have to find a ministry to serve in that is just right for me, or wait for the perfect Bible Community to form, or just the right time in my life to walk through Foundation. I simply need to take the next step.

Jesus was perfect so I don’t have to be. God has something much greater planned than a perfect building, with perfect music, and perfect programming. He wants to use imperfect people, places, and positions to sanctify us toward the image of his Son.

You don’t have to be perfect to find your place here. We’re both imperfect, so let’s do this together. My heart changed after I asked myself how I could better love God. So together, let's jump into serving, building friendships through Bible Communities, and being challenged by Foundation.

Take a seat in a circle where you can pour out, serve others, and grow. If you're new to IBC or trying to figure out where you belong, I highly recommend attending Explore. I am praying that you find space to grow. 

Explore IBC

If you’re new to IBC, make it a point to attend Explore. This is a one-hour conversation about our church, our beliefs, our vision and our campus. It’s the first step for anyone new to IBC. And it happens on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month, so there’s always one right around the corner! 

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