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Hi IBC, I'm Madi McGraw I have the privilege to help create content to connect you with all that is happening at IBC. I have been serving on this team for about six months, before that, I worked in advertising or was in college. The best part of my college experience was my college summers. No, not because the assignments and projects stopped— but because I had the opportunity to work at a Summer Camp for three of my four college summers.

Working at camp for eleven weeks is no easy task. It required waking up so early that you might as well decide it is still night time, more patience than I ever thought I had, and a constant heart-check to align and see the life change that camp has in students’ lives. I saw kids come to camp feeling heavy. They would bring the weight of the stresses of school, their parents’ divorce or struggles of a broken family, or even feeling unworthy or inadequate. I had some campers arrive to camp and their lives seemed picture-perfect. Other times, I would have some campers whose hearts were hard, and they were exhausted. The best part of camp is that there is space for both kinds of campers and both kinds of campers will engage with worship, Bible Studies, and fun adventures.

Throughout the week I would watch campers process the Lord’s love for them, identify their need for Jesus, and grow a desire for community built by faith. This summer hundreds of kids and students from IBC will embark on their journey at camp. They will have fun, make new friends, learn about Jesus, and build lasting memories. They will discover more of who God is and who God has designed them to be. After camp, they have the opportunity to build on their faith and continue to grow their relationship with the Lord at home, at school, and here at IBC. Our prayer is that the Lord will use time at camp to transform the lives of the next generation. In so many ways, going to camp is the best week ever. 

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