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By Camille Holland
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Hi! My name is CAMILLE HOLLAND and I am the coordinator for Young Adult Ministry. I get to connect young adults in community and propel them forward into the next stage of life. I only wish it was as easy as it sounds. If I could sum up the young adult experience in one word it would be: transition.

I remember as a young twenty-something in my first seminary class, my professor would repeat the phrase, "embrace the tension." It used to make me cringe. Looking back, I know it wasn’t the words or what they meant theologically, but the fact that they accurately described my current stage of life. It was as if he was asking me to accept that things were not how they once were or how they will be, but somewhere in between. Perhaps the reason it was hard to embrace the tension was that I felt like I had to do it alone. What I didn’t know then is that transitions are best navigated in community.

If the primary word to describe the young adult experience is transition, then the primary word to describe the young adult is connection. Not just the, we work on the same team and occasionally grab coffee together, kind of connection but the connection that reminds you what it feels like to be home. The kind of connection that is found in a community where you do life together. The young adult ministry at IBC understands that transitions are best navigated in spaces where you are known and loved. We want you to know that whatever season or stage of life you find yourself in, you are welcome here.

On Sunday morning, Sept. 8, we’re sharing the vision for the next season of young adult ministry at the Young Adult Welcome Brunch. Whether you’ve been around for a few years or you’re taking the first step toward connecting with others in this transitionary phase of life we’d love to meet you and make you feel at home. We’ll be in West A & B at 10:45 a.m. Let us know you're coming »

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