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Thanks for making your way to Formed: IBC Blog. My name is Madi and I am the Creative Media Producer here at IBC — which means, I am a small piece of the puzzle to making content for the web and social media for our church.

Our team is deeply passionate about using our personal experiences, stories, and knowledge to glorify the Kingdom. If you haven't heard it around here before, our church vision is:

God is calling us, the people of Irving Bible Church, to become a multi-ethnic movement of missionary disciples, formed in the way of Jesus for the sake of the world.

How are we to be "formed in the way of Jesus"? Well, this blog reflects all the little stories that ultimately make up the greatest story ever told. We want to be a transformed people who experience vibrant spiritual growth together. We want the Spirit of God to shape us more and more into the likeness of Jesus as we follow him.

Formed is a platform that gives people a place to wrestle with topics they may tend to avoid and to grow and learn from one another. A tool used to help believers make their faith their own by providing different perspectives and stories while pointing to the gospel and the mission and vision of Irving Bible Church.

This is for anyone and is written by the people of IBC. Using a variety of voices allows us to reflect our diverse community.

We are glad you are here, learning and growing with us. If you have questions or would like to know more, email me. Or better yet, maybe we can meet in person sometime.

See you around,

Madi McGraw

PS. The work on this blog wouldn’t happen without my wonderfully gifted team. You should meet Penny & Amy too!

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