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Foundation FAQ

By Sissy Mathew
In Faith & Belief
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Why Foundation?

God is calling every one of us towards transformation. With that in mind, we’ve created a transformation pathway, a series of steps to help you grow as a missionary disciple of Jesus. The third step in our pathway is be transformed. Jesus invites us to be with him so as to become like him and then to carry on his work in the world. We’ve intentionally designed Foundation to be a place where we can open ourselves up to the work that God wants to do in our lives.

Foundation is a nine–week discipleship experience where men and women gain a foundation for living as a missionary disciple in their everyday, ordinary lives. Foundation is not a Bible study, a class, or a small group, although it has some of those elements. It is a combination of inspirational large group teaching, life-on-life relationships in small groups led by a trained discipleship leader, and engaging curriculum. It is gospel-centered and also highly experiential. In Foundation, you’ll learn about the five rhythms of a missionary disciple and how these spiritual practices help us go further in our relationship with God and become all that God intended us to be.

Who is Foundation for?

Everyone. Whether you’re a brand new Christian or you’ve been a follower of Jesus for years or you’re still exploring who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about, Foundation is for you.

What can I expect during the 9 weeks of Foundation?

During the nine weeks of Foundation you will be introduced to foundational beliefs and key practices of what it looks like to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and carry on his work in the world. We want to help you grow deeper in your journey as a missionary disciple and we’ll help you discover tools and practical ways to do that.

Each Foundation gathering will look a little different, and that is purposeful. During gatherings, you can expect:

• 15-20 minutes of engaging and inspirational teaching

• Significant time for group interactions

• Participatory experiences

• A trained leader who will intentionally invest in you

The experiences, group interactions, teaching and curriculum will engage and stretch you. You will be encouraged to take a few risks along the way. It’s a challenge but it’s worth it.

What’s the curriculum like?

Your Foundation book introduces foundational beliefs and the five rhythms of a missionary disciple. Each week’s content includes five daily readings where you can learn, reflect and journal about what God is teaching you.

How much time does Foundation take?

Group gatherings are an hour and forty–five minutes most weeks. Daily readings will take about 20-25 min each day. We ask a lot, but the time and energy you will put in is worth it.

What will I gain from my Foundation experience and what are my next steps?

At the end of Foundation, you will be equipped and you will have a few next steps to choose from.

  • Equipped – You’ll be equipped to continue growing in your relationship with God and living as a missionary disciple through the on-going practice of the five rhythms you learned about during Foundation.
  • Serve – You will begin to understand how God has uniquely created and gifted you and then be encouraged to find your place of service at IBC, if you haven’t already.
  • Lead – Some who go through Foundation are ready to lead others through this experience. One of the great joys we have is to help develop new leaders who go on to disciple others.
  • Bless – You’ll leave with a greater desire to carry on Jesus’ work in the world by blessing others.
  • Live Your Purpose – You’ll be able to move to the next step of the transformation pathway by joining a Formation group where you will discover and live out your God-given purpose.
Still have questions?

We would love to answer your questions. Please send an email to Sissy Mathew, Discipleship Pastor, at [email protected].

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