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Easter Sunday happened just a few days. It is the day that we celebrate Jesus, the Son of God defeating death by coming back to life! If that whole sentence doesn't blow your mind, then go back and read it again. And again. Because it is so amazing. It is the reason for my emails. It is the reason I have a job. It is even the reason that Irving Bible Church exists. Jesus conquered death to pay the price for our sins! Praise God! As you continue to chat this week, please know that there are no questions unwelcome. If you are not sure of the answers to the questions your kids are asking, we are here to help. But know that it is also okay to share that you are just not sure. Take that moment as an opportunity to study for yourself... or maybe even together. Willingness to learn can show your children a lot about what it means to be faithful. (We are never finished learning to be like Jesus). If your child is interested in following Jesus, we are so excited to hear about it! If you need a tool to help you walk through a faith decision, we are happy to share that with you. We really are praying for you and your kids, so let us know if you have any questions.

And I also wanted to include a resource for you. While it is not screenless, there is a great wealth of positive and Bible-based content in RightNow Media. You do need an account to access the content, but we are happy to help you get one. Simply click on the link below and create your account.
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Some of my favorite resources are "What's in the Bible?", "Owlegories", and "Yancy's Little Praise Party". There are so many resources to utilize. I encourage you to check it out!

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