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8 1 Bible Story Picture

Have you ever waited for something for a long time? The Israelites waited over forty years to enter the land that God had promised them. Finally, after so much time and struggle, there was only one more geographical obstacle in their way, the Jordan River. It was too wide and too deep to walk through. So God, spoke to the newly installed leader, Joshua, instructing the priests to walk the ark of the covenant into the middle of the river. When they obeyed, the flowing river stopped flowing, making a way for the Israelites to finally set foot in the promised land. They gathered twelve big stones and stacked them next to the Jordan to create a memorial of God's great power for all who passed by to see. As you continue discussing with your family this week, share about something you have waited on God for and what reminds you of His working.  Conversation starters this week: Elementary

  1. God told Joshua to be strong, courageous, and unafraid. How do you think Joshua felt about that? How would you have felt? 
  2. God told the Israelites to make a memorial of this long-awaited moment - the crossing of the Jordan. What makes a moment important or worth a memorial? What moments in your life - already passed and what is still to come - do you hope people will remember?


  1. God stopped the water of the Jordan River to let the Israelites cross. Is this the first time God has done amazing things with water? What other amazing things did God do with water for the Israelites?
  2. The Israelites set up stones to remember God's power. What statues, sculptures, pictures, or structures help you remember other things? 

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