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This morning in Children at IBC we continued the story from the Book of Nehemiah. Remember last week, we saw Nehemiah lead a team of his people, the Jews, in rebuilding the city wall. They completed that task while protecting themselves against impending violent threats. Well, when they finished the wall, it was time to relax, right? Well, not exactly. But it was time to celebrate for sure, right? Well, not at first. First, the priest named Ezra (yes, the guy from the book of Ezra) wanted to honor the One who protected them. (Fun note: the Book of Ezra and the Book of Nehemiah are really a continuous book, so it's not surprising that Ezra plays a big role in the last half of Nehemiah). Ezra stood on a platform and read scripture to the people. Everyone stood. Like they just stood and listened to the scripture being read! And when Ezra was finished reading, they said, "Amen and amen!" The Jewish people were overwhelmed with all that God had done to protect them, and many began to repent of their sins. So, to recap: Ezra read the Word, and people turned back to God. Sometimes, it is just that simple. As you continue the conversation this week, remember to point your kids back to Jesus, the Word made flesh (John 1:1). 


  1. What are things that have changed you and/or the way you live? Sports? Friends? Food? Has anything you have read (or had read to you) made you think about things differently? 
  2. How difficult is it to believe that the Jewish people were compelled to be sorrowful for their wrong behaviors following Ezra's reading? Why? 


  1. The Bible is true and powerful. When Ezra read the Bible, the Jewish people were sad. What were they sad about? Was it that the Bible was sad? Did they feel badly? 
  2. Who changes our hearts? 

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