Thursday Night Discussion Groups

Thursday Night Discussion Groups

Thursday Night Discussion Groups are a perfect way to connect with other young adults on a deeper level and process weekly content.

Groups are intimate with 6-8 young adults and 1 group leader. They are designed to go deep as soon as they begin. A key feature of these groups are weekly challenges and exercises that move the content from the discussion group into daily life.

For this series, you will have the opportunity to gather with a small group of young adults of the same gender. We value diversity in our groups and typically gather in mixed gender groups but we want men and women to feel the freedom to share openly and honestly about their experiences and think this can be achieved best in this way. You will gather with the same group and discuss each week’s topic in depth and hold each other accountable to weekly challenges.

When you sign up for a Thursday Night Discussion Group you commit to:

  1. Showing Up - consistently showing up each week develops trust and connection.

  2. Speaking Up - sharing your experiences and thoughts creates healthy dialogue.

  3. Reaching Out - contacting and encouraging group members creates a sense of value.

  4. Prayer - petitioning God on behalf of group members develops love and affection.

Register for a Thursday Night Discussion Group by using the Summer registration form.